Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bestsellers of February 2010
1Chetan Bhagat2 States ( The Story of my Marriage)Rupa & Co.Rs. 9566101
2Dan BrownThe Lost SymbolTransworldRs. 699 14053
3Maanvi Ahuja/ Durjoy DattaNow That You're Rich Let's Fall in LoveSrishti Publishers & DistributorsRs. 1001071New Entry
4Michael CrichtonPirate LatitudesHarper CollinsRs. 2506436
5John GrishamFord CountyArrow BooksRs. 2996145
6Ravi SubramanianDevil in PinstripesRupa & Co.Rs. 1955359
7Chetan BhagatFive Point Someone : What Not To Do At IITRupa & CoRs  955032
8Orhan PamukThe Museum Of InnocenceFaber & FaberRs. 5994307
9Cyrus BroachaKarl, Aaj Aur KalRandom HouseRs. 195399New Entry
10Matthew ReillyFive Greatest WarriorsOrionRs. 595351New Entry
11Novoneel ChakrabortyThat Kiss In The Rain: Love Is The Weather Of LifeSrishti Publishers & DistributorsRs. 100331New Entry
12Mandar KokateOh Shit, Not Again!Expression PublicationsRs. 15032512
13Gregory David RobertsShantaramPenguin/ AbacusRs 42531011
14Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' NestQuercusRs. 49925513
15Steve BerryThe Paris VendettaHodderRs. 295249New Entry
16Aravind AdigaThe White TigerHarper CollinsRs. 3952408
17Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniThe Palace Of IllusionsPicador IndiaRs. 395/ 495215New Entry
18Chetan BhagatOne Night @ the Call CentreRupa & CoRs. 95180New Entry
19Greg MortensonStones Into SchoolsPenguinRs. 399175New Entry
20Hilary MantelWolf HallFourth EstateRs. 399/ 67517010

1Arindam ChaudhuriDiscover The Diamond In YouVikas Publishing HouseRs. 15016181
2Gurcharan DasThe Difficulty Of Being GoodPenguin Books IndiaRs. 69910042
3Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. DubnerSuperfreakonomicsPenguinRs. 399/ 4998466
4Capt.GopinathSimply FlyHarper CollinsRs. 499835New Entry
5William DalrympleNine Lives: In Search Of The Sacred In Modern IndiaPenguin Books IndiaRs. 4998054
6Subroto BagchiThe ProfessionalPenguin PortfolioRs. 3997548
7Malcolm GladwellWhat the Dog SawPenguin Books IndiaRs. 5996203
8Andre AgassiOpen, An AutobiographyHarper CollinsRs. 59943114
9Shrabani BasuVictoria & AbdulRupa & Co.Rs. 395420New Entry
10Rujuta DiwekarDon't Lose Your Mind Lose Your WeightRandom House Inc.Rs. 1993687
11Eliyahu M GoldrattIsn't It ObviousProductivity & Quality Pub Pvt LtdRs. 295335New Entry
12Nandan NilekaniImagining India: Ideas For The New CenturyPenguin Books IndiaRs.399330New Entry
13Bill WattersonThe Complete Calvin And HobbesAndrews Mcmeel Publishing/ CrosswordRs. 6735240New Entry
14Fergus NicollShah Jahan: The Rise And Fall Of The Mughal EmperorPenguin Books IndiaRs. 699/ 89921016
15Alice SchroederThe SnowballBloomsburyRs. 599/ 995203New Entry
16Khorshed BhavnagriThe Laws Of The Spirit WorldJaicoRs. 199200New Entry
17Wendy DonigerThe HindusPenguinRs. 99920011
18China WilliamsLonely Planet 12th EditionLonely Planets PublicationRs. 1195200New Entry
19Rhonda ByrneThe SecretSimon & Schuster / Beyond WordsRs. 520/ 640/ 12.50 Dollar1759
20S M M AusajaBollywood In PostersOm Books InternationalRs. 250017515


Atin is a first class IIT graduate. But he sells cheap chinese gadgets
for a living

His love:-
Ujani is a first class Bio-Sciences graduate from Calcutta University. But she gets the job of an airhostess.

His friends:-
Luv prepares to be Chartered Accountant. But ends up working for a stock broker

Iqbal is a graduate in Philosophy. But he is a shopkeeper.

Russel Raj has a PH.D from an American University. But he has no job.

Rumia is an Electrical Engineering graduate. But she has a sad childhood.

In this extraordinarily gripping and hilarious story of love, life,
friendship and adventure do these young people overcome all odds and
finally make it?

About the Author:
S R Saha was born in Calcutta and did his schooling from South Point High School. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Chennain, he had joined Indian Airlines. Presently he is working as Chief Aircraft Engineer with AIR INDIA and based in Kolkata. A number of his short stories and articles have been published in renowned dalies and magazines. this is his debut novel.

I Too Had A Love Story..

A CELEBRATED maxim says that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Ravinder Singh’s ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ proves the maxim true and beautifully depicts the beauty and power of true love through the writer’s own heart touching love story. It is the narrative of the journey of meeting of two strangers through a matrimonial site to the point, where their relationship becomes the most precious gift of Almighty. Ravinder and Khushi have never seen each other, but love has made them one. The writer has successfully brought out the depth of their relationship through the lively and graphic delineation of their conversation, feelings and emotions. The readers can feel their warmth and closeness in the lively and picturesque account of how they longed to be with each other in the rain, the coaxing and cajoling after the tiffs and trying to feel each other in imagination. Reading this book is all the more enjoyable as the reader relates and identifies with the writer. Impatiently waiting for the next phone call, little surprises bringing them closer, late night conversations, tears and smiles, all these make it a read-till-finish book. The throbbing curiosity, the irrepressible apprehensions and the overpowering excitement and happiness to meet Khushi in person for the first time takes the story to a crescendo of feelings, emotion and action. Soft and light hearted humor strewn throughout adds an entertainment quotient to the story. The writer tickles a funny bone as he talks about his paranoia when revealing his affair to his parents. Tear will roll down when an accident leave Khushi battling with death and Ravinder shattered. It reminds that a beloved can save his love till where God intervenes. Along with the innate beauty of their love story, the expression of the subtle emotions in the most simple and lucid way makes it special. The fact that the writer does not make any effort to impress the readers with lofty words and articulations point to the honesty of the writer’s feelings. The writer has summed up the essence of his story in the most appealing terms. Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it. Those for whom love is the most beautiful feeling above human definitions and parameters the book will make for an ever cherished experience.

‘Simple things make luv’ is the National Best Seller

“Simple things make luv” is a suspense thriller. The novel traces the ordeals of Yogi Shetty, the protagonist who is a successful film director. Yogi finds himself in a very startling circumstance when his wife suddenly disappears and then he retraces her through some old friends to unravel that she has a mysterious past. The novel is about how Yogi then tries to win his wife back getting her out of the difficult predicament that she faces. 


Soma Das (2007): Sum thing of a mocktale.. Srishti Publishers & Distributors, Pages: 206, Price: Rs.100
"Sum thing of a mocktale: at JNU where Kurta fell in love with Jeans" is the first creative work of a fiction by the writer Soma Das. The Novelist is a research scholar pursuing her doctorate in JNU under the UGC fellowship. She is also a graded Odissi dance artist.
As the title itself explains that the book is set in JNU campus. It is really a mocktale. It is the story of adventures of some youngsters, who entered the JNU campus for pursuing their master's degree and after completing the course, it is difficult for them to leave the JNU campus.
The main character in the novel is Kaya Pattnaik, who is the mouthpiece of the novelist. All the events are described by her. We can say, it is the point of view of the writer in which Kaya Pattnaik describes all the things because the author of the book also has completed her master's degree from JNU and most probably it is the experiences of the author as a student that are explained in this book by the student characters.
The novel has been divided in to fourteen different chapters and every chapter has its own title. The titles themselves explain the content of the chapters and what the writer wants to describe or present before the readers.
The novel starts with the admission process of Kaya and ends with the final exams of her master's degree meanwhile she has cleared IAS exam. In the beginning of the story the main character Kaya is carefree and all her friends are also of the same category. After that they have many different experiences at the campus that chang their way of thinking and their style of living. In this period of joy they spend nights at Ganga Dhaba and try to discover the secret of drinkers, dopers and lovers in Parthasarathy Rocks. In the end they become very serious for the preparations of the IAS exam. After having many difficulties and depression Kaya is successful and gets into IAS after being ranked 223. It is a big thing for Kaya.
It is a fabulous novel about the student life in an University. This book explains how the students are carefree about their future when they take admission for Master's Degree but in the end when they are nearing completion their master degree course, they transforms into very mature and responsible persons. In the last chapter of the novel three of them Rag, Shubra and Kaya express their views and feelings about the JNU Campus.